I have to divulge a secret to you. I’m a wannabe (see what I did there ;)) Brit. I want to drink tea, eat fish and chips, and have a right proper tolerance to copious amounts of alcohol.   And no, this infatuation did not start when I met Bae/Undefined/Long Distance Lover.  This started years ago, when I was learning in grade school about the different parts of the world and how wonderfully diverse they were. At the time, a place with a Queen, castles, and architecture older than the country I was born in seemed like a magical place. Later, the accent sealed the deal.

I kid you not; I printed out pictures of all the typical British landmarks (Big Ben, The Eye, Buckingham Palace, etc.), and hung them on my wall. Throughout schooling, every chance I got I did a report on British culture/history/monarchy. I read the old classics (Austen, Dickens, Brontë), I watched Masterpiece Theatre, and don’t even get me started on how many times I watched the Prince and Me. (Still holding out hope Olly is a secret prince)

(That’s a picture of Olly and I after a Bottomless Prosecco Brunch)

Having known Olly for over a year, (we met while he was in the States for work) being a recent college graduate, (class of 2016 holla!) and having no imminent job prospects, (by choice, pretty much) I decided it was about time I hopped across the pond for a visit. While January isn’t exactly the ideal time for a holiday, it had been three months since I’d last seen him, I could be there for his birthday, and in retrospect the weather is way better in London than in Lincoln. It would also give me a chance to gather material and experiences for this blog I’ve been planning to write for most of my college career.

So here I am, I have 24 hours left in this city and the last thing I want to do is wake up tomorrow morning and get on a plane. Not only because I’ve been having an amazing time with Olly, but also because I’ve been craving a big change in my life for the last year. I’m ready to go to a whole new place, make new friends, and have new experiences.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family back home; I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything. However, I’ve outgrown the limitations that Nebraska presents. Perhaps my next adventure lies 6000 miles away; where Royalty exists and it’s not frowned upon to have a pint at 11 a.m.

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