Life Decisions

Well guys it’s March.  Two whole months of 2017 are over.  I’m not all that sad to see 2016 go.  While it was not all  bad, there were some tough times (two jobs an internship AND classes full time).  2017 has in general been much less stressful and a lot more fun.  I went to London to visit Olly, Olly has come to Lincoln on business (he’s here right now actually!), I’ve been having more of a social life with friends, and I’ve got a whole bunch of concerts and other fun activities lined up to get me through the last leg of Winter.  (It was 75 degrees two weeks ago, the end is near guys.)  Look at me, being all social.

In the middle of February I made a big life decision.  I decided that I want to go to grad school…in London.  I’m so ready for new experiences in my life, and going abroad where I know almost nobody sounds like the perfect adventure.  So I filled out the tedious application forms, wrote 37 different versions of my personal statement and applied to three different schools and three different programs.  London Metropolitan for Food Science, Roehampton for Clinical Nutrition, and Westminster for Global Health Nutrition.

In less than a week I had heard from all three schools.  I received an acceptance letter from both Roehampton (who also gave me a scholarship holla!) and Westminster, and I had a Skype interview scheduled with London Met.  I just finished up my Skype interview and the professor, who is the head of the department and the deciding factor of whether or not I get in, said “I hope to see you in September,” so I’m pretty sure I’m 3 for 3 at this point!  The day I heard back from my first school, I decided to celebrate with martini’s and friends!  Those are my friends Kenzie and Chloe’, my numba one home gurls right there.

I was so shocked to hear from them all so soon.  I mean, I was happy that I got to tell Olly in person since he was still in town, but I thought I’d have more time to think and process!  I’m literally choosing what the rest of my life will be like!

Now I have to decide which program I want to enroll in.  I secretly hoped I would only get into one, so I wouldn’t have to make the choice.  All three programs would allow me to do amazing things in my career, I just can’t decide which direction I want to go in.  I’m hoping to have a decision made by the end of this week, I’ve been doing tons of research on the programs, as well as living possibilities in the city.  (I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to live off PB&J.)

Anyway, hopefully in a few days time I’ll have my future mapped out.  Wish me luck!

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