Lemon Blackberry Overnight Oats

There are several things that I’m really bad at.  Knowing when to turn off Netflix, texting people back, and planning time to eat breakfast all fall into that category.  Usually I’m rushing to get ready in the morning after snoozing my alarm 3 times because I stayed up too late watching Netflix.  Rarely time for tea and anything to eat besides a granola bar.  Anyone else have that same issue?

In order to combat this, I’ve started making overnight oats.  It’s so easy guys.  You throw everything together, and let it sit overnight, so when you wake up all you have to do it grab it and go!  I’ve been playing around with different combinations of flavors and I have found one that I keep going back to.  It’s got natural sweetness from blackberries and honey, complimented with lemon juice, and nutritionally boosted with flax and chia seed.

Flax seed has been regarded as being beneficial to health for hundreds of years.  Back in the 8th century, King Charlemagne created laws requiring people to eat them because he felt so strongly about their nutritional value.  Flax seeds contain an amazing amount of fiber, with very little carbs.  The type of fiber in flax is called mucilage.  Mucilage is a gel forming, water soluble fiber that works wonders on your intestinal tract.  All that fiber will also help you stay full longer, which can lead to weight loss.  I grind a small amount of the seed up at a time so I can quickly sprinkle it on anything from cereal to soup.

1/2 C old fashioned oats
3/4 C non-dairy milk (I use soy)
1-2 tsp maple syrup (or honey for non vegan)
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp ground flax
1/2 tsp chia seed
small handful of blackberries

Combine all ingredients in container of your choice.  I use a mason jar so it’s easy to travel with.

Let sit overnight, or at least 4 hours.


















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  1. Great idea!! I have the same problem as you, late night Netflixing and wake up too late for breakfast haha 🙂 Will try this out!

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