Liz here, the creator of Elephant Step.  I’m a 24 year old university graduate, and current grad student in London, with an urge to see (and eat) the world!  This is a space for me to share my experiences, nutritional knowledge, and foodie creations.

I believe a diet that is heavily plant based, and properly balanced is key for living your best life.  On this blog you’ll find recipes that reflect that belief.  I don’t forbid dessert, I don’t believe in banishing carbs or meat from your diet, I believe that eating can be both fun and nourishing if you have the knowledge and tools.  Within each recipe I try to identify a key nutrient that your body will receive.  You’ll also find science based nutrition posts highlighting various aspects of how food affects your body.  With a little education on the amazing things food can do, you’ll be able to start making better choices in your every day life.

That’s me, donned in cap and gown, smiling after spending four and a half years  achieving a BS in Culinology. Never heard of Culinology?   Not surprised. It’s not offered at too many institutions.  Culinology is basically a mash-up of Food Science, Nutrition, and Culinary Arts. The science of cooking, and what it does to your body. It’s kind of neat that we are a little farther and fewer between than your average Food Scientist.  However, I’ve realized my true passion lies with nutrition, which is why I’m working towards my MSc in Clinical Nutrition.

Why “Elephant Step”?  I believe in taking risks.  I believe in following your dreams.  I believe in taking big leaps in life.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Moving to London, and starting this blog are my “Elephant Steps,” and I’m hoping that some of you can use the information on this blog to take your first “Elephant Step” towards a healthier life.  

Photo Credit: Mikayla Cruikshank